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New Solo Prestige Instance Empty New Solo Prestige Instance

Post by Nautrax on Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:10 am

Many sure know it by now but some might not, so in case you missed the notice theres a new instance in the game called Solo Prestige Instance, which can be found in the Lorencia guide, and u have 3 free tries per day.

the dynamic is the same as the Talent instance (found at Challenge Instance -> Talent Instance), few waves of mobs that came to the center and u have to protect the statue, then 3 bosses at the end. the drops are the same, random cards and gold for the mobs and big 1 card for each of the 3 bosses, but this time they give 50 and 100 prestige each.
And at the end u get 1 chance in a lucky wheel to get some Medals and even Adv. medals.

And for a bonus and my point to do this post... they mobs drops A LOT OF GOLD, so u better use a full GOLD set when u do this instance and u can get for sure the 4M needed for the daily donation at guild!!!

So.. enjoy every1!


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