First Artifact to craft

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First Artifact to craft Empty First Artifact to craft

Post by Nautrax on Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:59 am

Hello guys,

Now with the possibility of buying artifacts from the guild shop...

If u craft them from bounded artifacts u can still sell it right?

Witch one should i make first for an average Wizard?...

I mean the Hammer seems a fast choice to improve HP, a bit of def and get the 2% ignore def, but the fact that have more ATK than MATK really annoys me. another clear point that developers are a bunch of idiots.

So then i might prefer to wait and gather a little more and get or the Spear or the Sun shield, with better def, better Attack and now... 4% dmg or 4% absorption..

4% dmg and the 2%SD dmg might help a bit more for boss hunts... but again undecided...

And then.. witch to craft second to add after rebirth...

any thoughts?


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First Artifact to craft Empty Re: First Artifact to craft

Post by Veteranul on Mon Jul 06, 2015 12:43 am

After you create artifact can sell it.
Create with ur ALT cloack. In the same time buy art soul with ur main for hammer. Cloack is 100 art.s. and hammer is 150 art.s. Create cloack first and move it on main then create hammer.

After rebirth i'll go with spear then shield.

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