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Set upgrade question Empty Set upgrade question

Post by Nautrax on Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:43 am

Hello guys.... i have a dilemma here...

I have 3 Parsi Legend parts with DSR and the rest Common parsi legend+8+luck, but the 3 DSR parts don't give me too much difference on the Def Rate maybe 30 or 40 points more than the common +8+luck, and the Mobs don't miss me that much...

My idea now with the new map and drops of Paraselene Parsi common and exc (yea i know is deam rare still) is to make a common Paraselene Parsi +8+Luck set (witch i think will give me more def and way more dmg than the mix i have now).

But the question is...
Its worth to spend 150 Royals and 75 Set Essence to upgrade a parsi legend armor to a Paraselene?
or 100 Royals and 50 Set Essence on a helmet upgrade?

Taking in count that with a bit of patience i can sell those bless at 3Diamonds each on the market.. and get like 400D... thats like a VIP.. with for me that i don't have Incarnation might be more benefit than the set right now...

or with 300D i could buy a Paraselene Parsi part when they start to pop in market or guild.... and i save gems and the Set Essence i can get and buy from guild shop for further upgrade...

So.. the more i think about it, more undecided i am...

I need comments from experts Sad

Thanks you all.


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Set upgrade question Empty Re: Set upgrade question

Post by Veteranul on Mon Jul 06, 2015 12:34 am

set parsi paraselene with Luck is hard to make. U should try to have without luck and see how it is. Exe parsi paraselene will not pop on market now for sure (and will be months till maybe u will see one part). Everybody is focus on level and stay in relics.
After i saw the price of soul and royals on i decided to stay in relics too. In swamp is almost zero drop of gems for me and i dont like to spend D on something that i can get for free pirat

The best is : have normal paraselene set. Then upgrade what dsr parsi legendary u have to paraselene and replace the normal items with exe. Will be faster then to wait to buy from market.

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