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Post by Veteranul on Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:10 am

I. Unlocked a new map - Pond of Peace
Entry requirement: Above Incarnation 1

Map Drops: Hans' Black Dragon Set, Parsi's Paraselene Set, Angela's Shadow Set, Kevin's Atlans Set, Ales' Light Plate Set, Excellent Hans' Black Dragon Set, Excellent Parsi's Paraselene Set, Excellent Angela's Shadow Set, Excellent Kevin's Atlans Set, Set Essence, Artifact Essence, Glitter Stone and Stone of Light

II Unlocked Incarnation 3
Required Incarnation Level: Incarnation 2

Required Level: Lv.450 and above

Dropped Level: From Lv.450 to Lv.350

Incarnation Cost: 200 Royal Gems

Incarnation Points: 500

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